About Page

I am a Web Developer currently based in Washington DC, USA. I focus on delivering performant, modern and pleasant web experiences to the users of the web. You can learn about my longer story, experience and interests by reading along or jump straight to my portfolio, blog or take a look at my resume.

Coding Story

The first website that I made was in early 2000s, done entirely in DreamWeaver (who can still remember that gem?) for my dad's company. I can't say that I was hooked from the get go, it was something that I did and never really looked again at until about 2015 when I created my GitHub account. Discovering FreeCodeCamp was also huge, having a community, clear learning path and sense of achievement with every completed step was a great way to get re-introduced to web development and programming concepts as a whole.

Since then I worked on various personal projects, implemented full stack applications and CLI tools, worked on group projects, contributed to open source and leveraged coding skills in my non technical role. 2019 (when I am writing this) marks the transition from hobby to profession.


I specialize in semantic HTML, accessible website delivery and performant experiences. My focus is currently on React and Node but I am interested and willing to learn any tech stack or framework. I am learning TypeScript and diving into advanced concepts of React.

Get in touch

If you want to collaborate on a project or discuss how I can be of service, feel free to reach me in any of the ways you can find below.